What is The Color of Happy?

What is The Color of Happy?

Hey Y’all. My name is Christie. I am a devoted wife, a daughter, a sister and a very good friend to a few great people around the world. I am also the mother of one really wonderful daughter. Her name is Ellie.

Ellie is the best. She was born a definite girly girl. Even now in her early teen years, she cherishes childhood in a way that much of western society would think is mythical. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this about her. I wish more children would hold on before wanting to grow up so fast. I’m writing this post because I want to share some of my earliest and best memories about her. One day I figure I might need these notes to remember all the wonderful things I love about being her mother.

Ellie loves mermaids and unicorns. Wardrobe is dresses or skirts/shirts only. Her all-time favorites are from Hanna Andersson, which by the way can no longer be found in her current size. #BIGSADFACE. Since pre-school, Ellie has always told me “no pants ever”; and denim is a no-no. In fact, dresses must be twirly-whirly and not too short. Her style is modest, but cute and smart.

These are just some of the things that make her happy. I have reminder notes jotted down on my phone. It contains lists of things throughout the years like her grade school teachers’ names or birthday party themes. And, she had these funny ways of describing things. Well, funny to me anyway. Maybe I’ll share them here in future posts. It’s fun to look back on those notes sometimes. It serves as a good exercise in remembering to pray and give thanks. I often pray just for Ellie; that God will arm her with the fullness of His peace and joy. Besides, her happiness is also my joy. And, as the title question suggests, it has a color….pink! I mean, what other color could it be, right?! Pink is the color of happy. Pink is the color of bubble gum, ballet shoes, and hearts. Ellie is the embodiment of all that is pink, like Pinkie Pie. If you have little ones who watched My Little Pony, then I think you understand what I mean. Everyday is full of cheer when Ellie enters the room.

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