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Explore The Power & History of Gift-Giving

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From ancient twigs to modern-day luxuries, giving gifts is an honored tradition.

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The custom of gift giving is typically thought to stem from the Roman practice of providing the Emperor with best of luck tokens. Initially these gifts were simple, such as a couple of twigs from a sacred bush, or a variety of foods. As it ultimately happens, this practice widened in an effort to receive special favors or to impress, like when the more valuable gifts were provided, silver, clothes or gold items. While most of this providing was done on a voluntary basis, history has actually had its share of leaders who did their finest to make present giving mandatory. By the late nineteenth century the basic and non-materialistic gifting tradition had actually began to dwindle away. Gift providing had begun to take on a very commercial face, and was ending up being a flourishing market. Today, the gifts and decorative devices market reach sales of $36 billion and more.

Throughout the world, numerous places mark their unique traditions and events with presents and food. As a result, the etiquette of gift giving is very important. An absence of understanding local customs can lead to misconceptions which might result in an insult rather than a gift. So, be aware of cultural norms when you’re visiting away from home. In any case, presents are everything about revealing a sense of gratitude, happiness, and plentitude. Presents can be traditional, gifts can be customized, even a little amusing. Most often, the ones which are funny, creative, and thoughtfully personal are the ones that are forever remembered.

Giving and receiving gifts is also an important part of service. Rewarding staff members, or associates is an essential instrument of great business. Everyone wants to be appreciated, or shown thanks. Oftentimes, saying thank you is all we do. However, making complete disclosures and open declarations of intent keeps alive the moral fiber of this practice to show kindness. Gifting will constantly touch hearts in a very unique way.

15 Home and Garden Gift Ideas

By Southern Living Magazine Online
  1. Auburn, Alabama-based artist Andrew Lee Design gives old-school correspondence a handsome upgrade with a favorite Southern bloom.  BUY IT: $27 for set of 5;
  2. Gift the holiday hostess bronze walnut place card holders she can use from Thanksgiving through the New Year.  BUY IT: $55 each;
  3. No home can ever have too many pretty tchotchkes. We’d hang this decorative bloom on a gallery wall or display it on a coffee table. BUY IT: $38;
  4. Treat an avid gardener to a new pair of durable gloves and a hand-forged trowel for preparing spring flowers. BUY IT: $95;
  5. Give the traditionalist a blue-and-white chinoiserie-inspired puzzle that’s pretty enough to keep out on the card table. BUY IT: $23;
  6. Playing cards make great stocking stuffers, especially this Palm Beach-inspired deck with hand-painted watercolor illustrations. BUY IT: $32;
  7. Whiskey enthusiasts will love this colorful addition to their home bar. BUY IT: $52 for set of 2;
  8. The only work required of the recipient is watching these pretty paperwhites grow. BUY IT: $42;
  9. What pairs better with eggnog than festive linens with Santa dancing to the jingle bell rock? BUY IT: $53 for set of 4;
  10. Gift the jetsetter a bespoke jewelry case for traveling without worry of tangled necklaces. BUY IT: from $63;
  11. Add a personalized touch with a hand-painted porcelain mug from Royal Copenhagen’s Alphabet Collection. BUY IT: $105;
  12. Vibrant taper candles in a rainbow of colors will make any mantel feel merry and bright. BUY IT: $48 for set of 2;
  13. The classic plaid pattern feels neutral enough to use year-round, but the blanket’s sherpa back feels extra cozy on cold winter nights. BUY IT: $90;
  14. For the design enthusiast, present a copy of 2019 Southern Living Idea House designer Lauren Liess’s new book, Feels Like Home, for dreamy decorating inspiration. BUY IT: $40;
  15. Gift your favorite grandmillenial a festive needlepoint kit for creating her own holiday home decor. BUY IT: $70;

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