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Dinner Napkins Are The Fabric Of Elegance

white tissue paper on silver round plate

Sometimes your meal is better served with something other than the plain white paper towels or the typical grocery store party napkins. Custom print fabrics can add a touch of upscale elegance to your plate. Use this beginners easy sewing craft step-by-step by to make your own.

Easily make a table napkin/serviette with the square corner method of sewing. A step by step tutorial suitable for beginner sewers. This is an easier way to make homemade cloth napkins than with the mitred corner method.

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Classic Fall Apple Cider Bar

food red apple summer

From LizMarieBlog

Each year I like to create an Apple Cider Bar for our family and guests to enjoy throughout the fall season. Through everyday moments, you can catch me with some sort of liquid in my hand. So the idea of creating a cozy space for our family and guests to serve themselves with a seasonal liquid is something I find really special. Today I am sharing a classic fall Apple Cider Bar!
We had the Detroit News at the Farm this week in preparation for the release of my new book Cozy White Cottage Seasons. I wanted to offer some apple cider, donuts, as well as coffee. It’s a super simple bar to put together. You may have noticed that we added this antique dresser to this space in our kitchen. I am thinking that I want to have this cozy corner in our kitchen serve as a permanent coffee and beverage bar for us. We have big plans for this cozy kitchen of ours and I think adding this antique piece is a step in the right direction.

If you are wanting to create your own apple cider bar, check out this step-by-step guide I created last year on the blog here [HERE].

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Gift Idea of the Day – From the Etsy Shop of ArtInScienceDesigns

Celebrate The Season With 10 Ounces Of Warm Hugs. Gift To A Friend, Neighbor, or Family. Any occasion is good for gift giving. This classic clear glass mug looks great when filled. Holds any of your favorite warm beverages. Care: Hand-Wash Only

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Top Tips For Updating Your Kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen is the hub of the property and is therefore subject to lots of wear and tear over the years.
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Source: Top Tips For Updating Your Kitchen

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