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lady sitting at table with dinner near christmas tree

Easy, Breezy Stress-Free Holiday Hosting

Holidays can be stressful. The temptation to overspend and overeat is intoxicating.  Who can resist when you’re in the moment of shopping for that special gift and the whiff of cinnamon sugar delights fills the air, just as your favorite song is beginning to play aloud.  And who can truly relax in the prep time …

This Little Lamp Light Of Mine

#milliondollartaste #dollarbudgets #doityourself #crafting #decorideas #lighting #lamps #lightitup If you are looking for DIY table lamp ideas I have shared a few and recently made over another table lamp from the thrift store. I like upcycling them as they are an inexpensive way to update home decor at a fraction of the cost of buying …

Live Your Best Life Here. Check Out The Biggest House In The World.

The biggest house in the world is quite a title. Luxury properties are everywhere but you might be wondering what the biggest house in the world actually is. Not surprisingly, the largest home in the world is a palace. However, a range of others rank at the top when it comes to size and excess….

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white tissue paper on silver round plate

Simple Sewing Fabric Dinner Napkins

Sometimes your meal is better served with something other than the plain white paper towels or the typical grocery store party napkins. Custom print fabrics can add a touch of upscale elegance to your plate. Use this beginners easy sewing craft step-by-step by to make your own. Easily make a table napkin/serviette with the …