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You Will Want To Adopt These Most Suprising Valentine’s Day Traditions

Believe it or not, the United States of America is not the center of Earth. There are more than 200 countries worldwide. Many of the holidays that we celebrate and the traditions that we have originated in other continents. Like Valentine’s Day, whose start is a bit of a mystery; but we know one of …

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Don’t Miss This Fact… The Best Fabric For Sewing Can Be Make Or Break

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Fabric By Jan H Roos It’s one of the most important things a sewer must learn to do. What, you ask? Choosing the best fabric for your sewing projects. For many beginning sewers, choosing fabric doesn’t seem like a big deal. In fact, ask any experienced sewer about it, …

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National Chocolate Caramel Day Is March 19

National Chocolate Caramel Day falls on March 19 and is a fun way to enjoy mouthwatering sugary treats. From cookies to brownies, ice creams, and milkshakes, the irresistible combination of chocolate and caramel never fails to impress those with a sweet tooth. While chocolate has been around since ancient times, the invention of caramel had …

An Origin Story of Provencal Fabrics

Bonjour! Fabrics are a new part of the AIS Designs Etsy shop (Link: artinsciencedesigns.etsy.com). Finding unique and beautiful patterns make textile creative projects so much more fun to do. Here is an interesting read on the history of Provencal fabrics….And the pictures are great to look at too. #fabric #textiles #sewing #quilting #crafting #yardage #sublimation …

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7 Cozy Fall Porches — The Inspired Room

Porches & Patioes are not just warm weather spaces. Outdoor living rooms are year-round inspirations with the right touch of the #comfortsofhome. Take a look at these 7 Cozy Fall Porches from The Inspired Room. #porches #patioes #outdoorliving #autumn #fall2021 #chimnea #firepit #blankets #coozy #football #timeless #elegant #AISDesigns

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