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Easy, Breezy Stress-Free Holiday Hosting

lady sitting at table with dinner near christmas tree

Holidays can be stressful. The temptation to overspend and overeat is intoxicating.  Who can resist when you’re in the moment of shopping for that special gift and the whiff of cinnamon sugar delights fills the air, just as your favorite song is beginning to play aloud.  And who can truly relax in the prep time leading up to the big day when all of your friends and family gather for dinner and evening get-togethers.  Don’t add to the stress. Make all of those moments and the celebrations easy to enjoy so you can have unforgettable memories to reminisce on later.  Here are some fun and easy ways to host stress-free holiday events.

If you host frequently or in a rotation, you probably have an idea of what you are going to set out on your table come party time. For those that are new to hosting, trust me, a tablecloth is a life-save at the end of the night when you wish you could snap your finger and all the mess would go away, the tablecloth is the closest thing you have to cast that spell. At the end of the night fold in the sides and carry it right into the dishwasher, along with cloth napkins if you are using them. Once you figure out what tablecloth you’ll be using pull it out and set it on a nearby buffet or display it in…[Read more at: LizMarie Blog]

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