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3 Steps To Start Your Own Business

Let’s make it simple. Everyone needs that. There are 3 things you should do to start your own business.

1. You’ll need a supplier of goods, a platform to create products.
If you want to start quickly, print on demand companies like Printful are where you should start.

2. You’ll want to design a logo for your business name. Use software like

3. You’ll need to market your business widely. Use any of the social media platforms for community reach. Another strategy is to launch selling in marketplaces like or Ebay, where active buyers go to daily.

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Still wondering where to start? Look below. Links provided. Because of AIS Designs, I recommend these as they are leaders in their industry. It’s where AIS started. These platforms are some of the most popular ways to create product and sell them. The links below offer promotional credits to help you start now.

Etsy is #1 for it's simple, easy to use seller interface.  Start today with 40 free listings.
Has over 80 million active buyers always online.
Start Selling to them Today. Free To Sign Up Here.
40 Listings included. is THE best place for  designing your business logo and brand.  Get the pro version for seamless design-to-marketing post integration.
Best for designing logos & social media posts.
Free or Paid Pro versions available.


If you have any questions, contact me at Happy to help.

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