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Sparking Imagination: 10 Fun and Kid-Friendly Crafts to Try at Home During the Pandemic

Sparking Imagination: 10 Fun and Kid-Friendly Crafts to Try at Home During the Pandemic

Unlock creativity at home with these 10 fun and kid-friendly crafts! Give kids a safe outlet for creativity with 10 fun and inspiring craft ideas!

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With limited access to friends and extended family due to the pandemic, it is important to find ways to keep kids entertained at home. Crafts allow kids to express their creativity and have fun! Here are 10 fun and creative kid-friendly crafts to try at home.

1. Paper Plate Puppets – Have kids use paper plates to create animals, people or characters of their choice. Use markers and construction paper to give the puppet features such as eyes, noses, mouths, and other decorations.

2. Oatmeal Box Guitars – Have kids turn used oatmeal boxes into miniature guitars. Cover the box with wrapping paper, paint or markers, and use rubber bands to create the strings of the guitar.

3. String Art – String art is a fun and creative craft that kids of all ages can enjoy. Use construction paper, scissors, string and a sharp object (like a nail) to create colorful patterns and designs.

4. Paper Beads – Using colorful paper strips, glue and toothpicks, have kids make their own paper beads to use as jewelry or decorations.

5. Marbled Clay – Melt clay and mix with colorful paint to make marbled clay. Kids can shape the clay into figures and 3D objects to create fun sculptures.

6. Cardboard Record Sleeves – have kids use sturdy cardboard and cut out two identical shapes to make a record sleeve. They can use markers to decorate and label their sleeve as they wish.

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