Beautiful Repurposed Upgrades With Quilting Fabric

What do you do with the leftover fabric scraps? Don’t trash them. These make excellent pieces for quilting fabric. Time and history shows that fabric was a precious resource for many who could not afford the luxuries of new textiles as manufactured for the royals. Anything that could be repurposed was salvaged for clothes or other everyday uses like cleaning cloths. For example, patchwork quilting has been around in America since the colonial times.

Bed cover made of quilting fabric
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It used to be that patchwork quilting was made from leftover fabric or was taken from clothes that were no longer usable. Now people are doing patchwork quilting for fun and have made it into a form of art. People like to use fine fabrics, and create detailed stitching and beautiful designs on their patchwork quilting.

No matter how much or how little is left after your next project, here are other DIY fabric scrap ideas that are almost too easy not to pass on. From

3+ yards excess fabric: Tablecloth

This one’s a project that truly couldn’t be simpler. Looking for a table covering that will stand up to stains at your next al-fresco party? Simply cut your fabric to the size and shape of your outdoor table, hem the edge, and voilà! You’ve got a table setting to match your furniture—how chic is that?

2 yards excess fabric: Sling chair

1-2 yards excess fabric: Beach tote

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