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Raise Your Home Decor Game: The Best Sites to Build Your Look

balcony in old building with plants
balcony in old building with plants

There are countless websites dedicated to home decor. It can be hard to sift through the millions of sites to find the ones that truly inspire and guide you in transforming your living spaces. To help you stay ahead of the trends and keep your home stylish, I’ve curated a list of the top home decor sites to follow this year. From timeless classics to minimalist designs, these websites are my go-to sources for home decor inspiration.

  1. Houzz

Houzz is a household name in the world of home decor, and for good reason. This platform offers a vast collection of photos, articles, and product listings, making it a one-stop destination for interior design enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for tips on home improvement, want to connect with professionals, or simply want to browse beautiful home interiors, Houzz has you covered.

  1. Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest, often referred to as AD, is a renowned publication in the world of architecture and design. Their website is a treasure trove of stunning home tours, expert advice, and in-depth articles on architecture and interior design. AD’s reputation for showcasing luxurious and inspiring interiors makes it a must-follow for anyone seeking sophistication in home decor.

  1. Etsy

For those who appreciate unique and handmade home decor items, Etsy is a goldmine. This online marketplace connects you with talented artisans and independent sellers – like me – offering a wide array of home furnishings, decor, and art pieces. Whether you’re looking for handcrafted furniture, custom-made lighting, or personalized decor, Etsy has something for every taste.

  1. Decorilla

If you’re seeking professional interior design expertise without breaking the bank, Decorilla is an excellent choice. This platform connects users with virtual interior designers who can provide personalized design plans, mood boards, and shopping lists to bring your dream home to life. It’s a fantastic way to get a designer’s touch on a budget.

  1. Apartment Therapy

Perfect for urban dwellers and small-space enthusiasts, Apartment Therapy is all about creating beautiful homes, no matter the size. Their website is filled with practical tips, decor ideas, and DIY projects that will help you make the most of your space. Apartment Therapy’s community-driven approach fosters a sense of belonging and encourages creativity.

  1. Dwell

Dwell is synonymous with modern and minimalist design. Their website showcases cutting-edge architecture, innovative decor ideas, and sleek furniture collections. If you’re passionate about the clean lines and functionality of modern design, Dwell is the ideal place to find inspiration.

  1. Lonny

Lonny is a digital magazine that focuses on creating beautiful and livable spaces. With a fresh and approachable style, Lonny offers a glimpse into real homes and stylish interiors. Their content includes home tours, trendspotting, and helpful decorating advice.

  1. Domino

Domino combines the best of lifestyle and home decor. It’s known for its vibrant and eclectic style, offering inspiration for those who want to infuse personality and color into their living spaces. From furniture and decor to entertaining and travel, Domino covers all aspects of a stylish life.

  1. Better Homes & Gardens

A classic in the world of home and garden publications, Better Homes & Gardens provides a wealth of ideas for creating a beautiful and functional home. Their website offers everything from gardening tips and recipes to decor projects and expert advice.

  1. Pinterest

Last but certainly not least, Pinterest remains an evergreen source of home decor inspiration. With millions of user-generated pins, Pinterest allows you to curate your own boards, discover trends, and explore countless DIY projects, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to decorate their home.

These top home decor sites offer a diverse range of styles, ideas, and resources to help you stay current and elevate your living spaces to new heights. Whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere in between, these websites will guide you on your journey to creating a home that’s not just stylish but uniquely yours. So, start exploring, pin your favorites, and embark on your next home decor adventure!

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