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Most Favorite Picture I Have Ever Taken

close up of vintage camera on white background

Mothers and daughters love finding ways to spend silly, fun time together. This is my favorite picture. In this pic my daughter is probably age 3 or 4. We were playing around with a new laptop that I had just gotten for my birthday. She discovered the filters on the Photo app like the alien face, twirlie whirlie – and the rest is history. She still loves filters even now; there’s one in use every time we do a video chat.

Design .

I didn’t take this picture on purpose. It is a true candid shot that we later discovered had been snapped while we were trying to figure out how to operate the new device.

I love this picture because it’s an honest moment and it really highlights our similarities; really a true capture in time of seeing one generation to the next. Can you see both of us in the shot?

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