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Hot Outdoor Fabrics

fabrics with indigo paint and ornament in garden
Performance fabrics are known to be easy to clean and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. 
performance fabrics with indigo paint and ornament in garden
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“According to outdoor fabric manufacturers, the pandemic has created an increased level of demand that hasn’t been seen for several years. “For first time in 15 years, outdoor furniture is hot, hot, hot. If companies can deliver it, people will buy it,” said Anderson Gibbons, vice president of marketing for Specialty Textiles Inc. (STI), parent company of Revolution Fabrics. “Because of the pandemic, our outdoor spaces have become safe spaces for entertaining or spending time with extended family members,” he noted. “People are putting money into their homes and not into other things, like traveling or dining out.”
Homeowners spent, on average, $13,138 on home-related services this year, up from $9,081 last year, according to the State of Home Spending Report by home improvement website HomeAdvisor. With more time at home, outdoor living has become even more important.
“Many people are looking to dedicate a space within the home to … surround them with décor that recreates a favorite vacation spot,” said Sara Thomas, senior marketing manager at Richloom.”

Source: Home Textiles Today

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