Beautiful & Elegant Wedding Gifts on Etsy – Idea #3073211

Beautiful & Elegant Wedding Gifts on Etsy – Idea #3073211

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You know you want something unique and special as a wedding gift, and this alternative diamond engagement ring checks all the boxes! A gorgeous 1.75 carat Kite diamond is set in a unique and modern salt pepper diamond ring, lending a bold and eye-catching look to the engagement. This flattering, unusual shape gives the diamond a bigger, more radiant appearance on the finger. The diamond is formed personally for each customer to bring out its best features. There are few things more memorable than a uniquely designed Kite diamond solitaire for an engagement ring – it’s sure to turn heads! The alternative diamond engagement ring is the perfect gift to commemorate such a special occasion as a wedding. It will be something the happy couple can cherish forever and remind them of their special day. It’s also a great option if diamonds aren’t usually your go-to jewelry gift. This beautiful and unique ring is a perfect representation of the couple’s love and commitment. Its eye-catching, modern design will add a sparkle to their happily ever after.

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