Extraordinary Toys For Kids on Etsy – Gift Idea #1429176866

Extraordinary Toys For Kids on Etsy – Gift Idea #1429176866

Quiet book Montessori “StrAnimali” in feltro interamente fatto a mano

Brought to you by LaStanzadiDodo on etsy.com

Are you looking for an educational and fun Montessori toy for your kids? Well, look no further! Our Quiet Book Montessori “StrAnimali” in feltro interamente fatto a mano is just what you’re looking for. Montessori toys are designed to help develop the gross and fine motor skills of your child with the use of a safe, fun, and interactive approach.

The “StrAnimali” Quiet Book Montessori is made up of 9 geometrical animal shapes. These shapes come together and make up two adorable and cheerful animals. Kids are encouraged to figure out how the animal shapes fit together and can do this through trial and error. Doing this helps them develop problem solving, fine motor, and spatial skills.

The Quiet Book Montessori “StrAnimali” is beautifully handmade in feltro material, a material perfect for little kids! It is very soft and easy to use, and each animal shape is numbered on the back for an easy assembly. There are no sharp edges or unsafe elements making this the ideal choice for your little one.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring nor dull, and the “StrAnimali” is the perfect example of this. Kids will have hours of fun as they assemble the animals and discover new shapes. They’ll also be developing important skills as they learn to problem-solve, make spatial connections, and develop coordination and fine motor skills.

Montessori toys are proven to enhance learning and development in young children. With the “StrAnimali” Quiet Book Montessori, you can rest assured that your child is learning valuable skills all while having a great time playing. So, don’t miss out and surprise your child with this awesome Montessori toy today!

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