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Wise Tips for Celebrating Three Kings Day with Your Family!

Celebrate Three Kings Day with your family and create lasting memories to pass on your faith and culture! Make the day special with scripture readings, homemade decorations, themed activities, and traditional meals.

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With the end of the holiday season quickly approaching, many families are already starting to plan unique ways to celebrate Three Kings Day with their family. Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6th, and is the perfect opportunity to have a special day to teach children about their faith and culture. Here are some fun and creative ideas for how to celebrate Three Kings Day with your family!

First, focus on the religious aspect of Three Kings Day. Before the day comes, you and your family can read scripture passages that discuss the arrival of the Three Wise Men. Additionally, you can also set out food offerings to the Three Wise Men to symbolize the gifts they presented to Jesus. This activity can be a great way to deepen one’s faith and make Three Kings Day a truly special day for your family.

Second, make your own decoration for Three Kings Day. This can be a really fun family activity that creates family memories throughout the year. From handmade nativity scenes to paper crowns, get creative and make something that your family can hang up every year! Plus, kids can get extra excited whenever they help make decorations – they will be eager to show them off and enjoy the decorations you made together.

Third, consider engaging family members in some Three Kings themed activities. Cards, puzzles, and games related to Three Kings Day can help make the day even more enjoyable. If you have smaller children, they may also enjoy playing dress up while talking about the wise men’s journey to Bethlehem. There is also the option of having an outdoor picnic, where everyone can learn some traditional Christmas carols or just enjoy the fresh air.

Fourth, you can end the day with a special Three Kings Day meal. Share in special dishes that often incorporate Biblical stories such as the “Mora” sandwich or the “Cena de Reyes”, which represent the three kings’ gifts for baby Jesus. The “Mora” sandwich is a Mexican tradition made with three tortillas connected together that symbolizes the three kings, while in “Cena de Reyes” usually the whole family comes together around a holiday table to enjoy a meal of dried fruits, nuts, and other seasonal delicacies.

Finally, give your loved ones special presents related to Three Kings Day. Whether it’s small gifts such as a crown or star, or something a bit bigger such as a handmade painting – sharing presents on Three Kings Day will definitely provide your family with lasting memories of the holiday season.

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