The Most Unforgettable Gifts On Etsy – Scarves Vol. #256

This is my regular tribute to a small business owner on Etsy. If you will, please show your support by clicking one of the links below to buy or simply favorite these items.

You want a handkerchief that is both stylish and functional. You want something that looks good, but that is also eco-friendly. You want something that is simple, yet unique. You want the Simple Organic Cotton Poplin Handkerchief. This handkerchief is made of 100% organic cotton and is hand made to order. It is available in a 10 or 16 inch square and is perfect for any occasion.

Highlights about the featured item on the left are from shop: SimplyCrone
Comparable item on the right can be found at

Featured A
Simple Organic Cotton Poplin Handkerchief – 10 or 16 inch square – Hand made to order – Wild Fronds Meadow

Featured B
50 Inch Square Scarf Head Wrap or Tie | | Sunny Flower Garden Design | Silky Soft Chiffon Material

REMEMBER: When you support a small business owner, you’re giving right where it matters most. You’re giving hope to a family and to a local neighborhood economy!

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