The Most Unforgettable Gifts On Etsy – Scarves Vol. #82

This is my regular tribute to a small business owner on Etsy. If you will, please show your support by clicking one of the links below to buy or simply favorite these items.

Hi, gorgeous! Treat yourself to a little luxury with one of our gorgeous silk bandanas. Whether you’re looking for a floral headscarf to take your outfit to the next level, or a cooling hair wrap to keep your locks looking fabulous all day long, we’ve got just what you need. Plus, our bandanas come with elastic, so you can be sure they’ll stay put no matter how much you move. Go ahead and pick up a few – they’re irresistible!

Highlights about the featured item on the left are from shop: SlinkCreationsCo
Comparable item on the right can be found at

Featured A
Silk bandana, Floral headscarf, hair turban, neckerchief, hair bandana, hair wrap, bandana with elastic, cooling hair wrap

Featured B
Square Scarf Head Wrap or Tie | | Geometric Design | Escalating Gold | Silky Soft Chiffon Material

REMEMBER: When you support a small business owner, you’re giving right where it matters most. You’re giving hope to a family and to a local neighborhood economy!

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