Truly Stunning Table Linen Decor On Etsy – Table Runners Vol. #314

This is my regular tribute to a small business owner on Etsy. If you will, please show your support by clicking one of the links below to buy or simply favorite these items.

With this Mudcloth Table Runner, you can add a touch of African culture to your home. This runner is made of authentic mudcloth fabric, which is handwoven in Mali. It features bold geometric patterns in earthy tones, adding a global feel to your decor. Whether you use it as a table runner, wall hanging or home accent, it’s sure to add interest and style to your space.

Highlights about the featured item on the left are from shop: Awanya
Comparable item on the right can be found at

Featured A
Mudcloth Table Runner, African Tapestry, African Table Runner, Woven Mudcloth Art, African Home Decor, Boho Wall Art, Mudcloth Fabric Runner

Featured B
Table Runner | St Patricks Day | Cotton Twill or Polyester

REMEMBER: When you support a small business owner, you’re giving right where it matters most. You’re giving hope to a family and to a local neighborhood economy!

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