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New Math 101: Blue + Yellow = Green

New Math 101: Blue + Yellow = Green


Coloring for homework?

As Ellie gave me the run down of her school day, I could not believe that her homework consisted of coloring for a graded assignment. I mean, this was 5th grade…the last year of elementary school, not the first year! It seemed unfathomable, might I dare call it laziness, that her class would be asked to color pages from their social studies workbook as the assigned homework for that night. I mean, for my daughter, who has been reading above grade level since kindergarten, this assignment felt like a big waste of time. But maybe just maybe, 10-year-olds can actually gain skill from this seemingly simple activity. According to the article below, there are at least 8 positive aspects to consider.

What do you say? Comment below on whether you also think coloring books as a homework assignment is a good thing.

Coloring is an important activity that helps your kids to express their creativeness.

— Pracha J

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Top 8 Benefits Of Coloring Pages For Your Kids

Top 8 Benefits Of Coloring Pages For Your Kids

By Pracha J

Coloring pages involve a simple activity that offers lifelong benefits for your kids. As a matter of fact, this simple activity is good for the development of your kids. In fact, coloring sheets or books provide educational tools that help prepare preschoolers. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few major benefits of this activity. Read on to know more.

1. Handwriting Improvement

Kids need good hand strength so that they can use a pencil properly. This will help them hold the pencil the right way, which is important for better handwriting.

2. Coordination between the Eyes and Hands

Basically, coordination skills such as holding the crayons, identifying colors and sharpening the pencils is of paramount importance. Also, with color diagrams, your kids learn to color specific areas, which improves their eye and hand coordination skills. Aside from this, it helps them reduce cognitive loss when it comes to advanced drawing.

3. Patience and Relaxation

Another skill that your kids can learn from coloring pages is patience. With this skill, your kids can learn to relax and be comfortable during the creation of a piece of art. Kids can learn to color different figures and shapes based on their liking. Also, it allows your kids to enjoy a sense of achievement.

4. Focus

Another important lesson that this art teaches is the ability to focus. According to many studies, kids who use coloring pages have better focus skills. As they get older, they can also learn many other skills.

5. Knowledge

Filling colors in different shapes can help your kids identify form, shape, hue, color, perspective and lines. Also, they can identify various patterns as well. Eventually, this helps your kids choose the right colors for the pictures.

6. Confidence

Besides, engaging in this activity on a regular basis helps your kids improve their confidence level. After the completion of coloring sheets, your children can enjoy a sense of achievement. This is important for confidence and self-esteem.

7. Motor Skill

Motor skills are quite important for kids who are growing up. Filling in different shapes helps your kids develop the tiny muscles of their hands, fingers and wrist. Besides, good motor skills are important for your kids to use small objects. So, this is helpful for your kids to do better in school.

Aside from this, coloring is helpful for the development and strength of their hand muscles. This is important for engaging in other activities, such as lifting objects and typing on a computer.

8. Creativity Stimulation

Coloring is an important activity that helps your kids to express their creativeness. What happens is that they visualize something before drawing it on paper. Therefore, you may want buy a set of crayons, give them to your kids and then set them free. It will let your kids think about various color combinations.

In short, these are some important benefits of printable coloring pages that your kids can enjoy if they engage in this activity. Hope this helps. Are you looking to buy coloring pages for your kids? If so, you can check out Shopkins coloring for more information.

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