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Relax In Beautiful Comfort

While it can be tempting to snack, work and scroll social media from the comfort of your bed, it can actually hinder relaxation. Your bedroom should be your personal oasis to rest and rejuvenate every night.Left unchecked, your bedroom can become messy and stressful, which is the opposite of what it should be. There are… Continue reading Relax In Beautiful Comfort

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Gift Ideas To Spark Joy

The custom of gift giving is typically thought to stem from the Roman practice of providing the Emperor with best of luck tokens. Initially these gifts were simple, such as a couple of twigs from a sacred bush, or a variety of foods. As it ultimately happens, this practice widened in an effort to receive special favors or to impress, like when the more valuable gifts were… Continue reading Gift Ideas To Spark Joy

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Why Hiking Is Good For You?

A Hiker's Journey To Solitude Why do people like hiking? It can be for so many reasons. There are tons of studies on the benefits of hiking. Quite simply for me, hiking is where I like to go for a reconnection back to inner peace. Walking among the whispers of the trees, crunchy sounds of… Continue reading Why Hiking Is Good For You?

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Why Hope Is Important

The Triple Threat: Faith, Hope, & Love Have you ever noticed...some people have so little in the way of owning things or even money. And yet, they are extremely happy. Could it be that their life is filled with faith, hope, and love - and that's all that's needed? Somehow, they are able to embrace "the little things"… Continue reading Why Hope Is Important

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See The ‘Savoir Faire’ Behind Dior’s Iconic Silk Scarves –

Silk scarves are all the rage, becoming one of the trendiest accessories over the past year for their versatility and style. To many, silk scarves may just be considered the latest wave of nostalgic fashion, but for Dior they are an art form. The epitome of French chic, Dior has been a pioneer for the… Continue reading See The ‘Savoir Faire’ Behind Dior’s Iconic Silk Scarves –

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Family Nights Come Together With Apple Cider

Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash Each year I like to create an Apple Cider Bar for our family and guests to enjoy throughout the fall season. Through everyday moments, you can catch me with some sort of liquid in my hand. So the idea of creating a cozy space for our family and guests… Continue reading Family Nights Come Together With Apple Cider

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How Do You Express Empathy?

Giving gifts helps define human relationships by appreciating the people we love and making them feel loved. It makes the bonds between people stronger even when you are away from them. Gift-giving also helps to show that you care about a person and you constantly think about them.#makeitpersonal #livelove #showyoucare #aisdesignsSource:

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Cancer Sucks…But These Gifts Help Ease The Pain

Every day is an opportunity to spread love give hope. In fact, any thoughtfulness will be welcomed, but there are some gifts that are particularly helpful at this time. Mugs and Scarves can make the warmth of your gift as heartfelt as the friendship. Don't be afraid to make it personal. In trying times, any… Continue reading Cancer Sucks…But These Gifts Help Ease The Pain

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Kitchen Reboot Renovation Ideas

In many homes, the kitchen is the hub of the property and is therefore subject to lots of wear and tear over the years. #decorideas #kitchendesigns #homeimprovement #decoratingtips Source: Top Tips For Updating Your Kitchen Looking for something new to buy as a gift - for you or for someone else? Get this special select… Continue reading Kitchen Reboot Renovation Ideas


A Helpful Guide To Achieving A Great Work-Life Balance


In modern times, there is pressure on workers due to an increasingly demanding work culture. This is perhaps the biggest, most pressing, and dire challenge to the mental health

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