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You Will Want To Adopt These Most Suprising Valentine’s Day Traditions

Believe it or not, the United States of America is not the center of Earth. There are more than 200 countries worldwide. Many of the holidays that we celebrate and the traditions that we have originated in other continents. Like Valentine’s Day, whose start is a bit of a mystery; but we know one of the earliest accounts are recorded in 15th century Europe. Fast forward to this millenium, Daya Sugden wrote this piece in 2009 but you will still find these to be timeless and you may adopt them as a way to level up your gift giving game.

How Saint Valentine’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

By Daya Sugden

Fundamentally, Valentine’s Day is a mass outward expression of love. Love is universal; it is what makes us human. So the essential spirit of Valentine’s Day is within every man and woman, regardless of nation. But, how is Valentine’s Day celebrated in other countries — if at all? In this article, we lift the lid on how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Brazil and Portugal.

Valentine’s Day in the UK

Can Valentine’s Day be celebrated without romantic verses and sonnets by love-struck couples in the Bard’s own land? While the mandatory cards, flowers and chocolates dominate the day, youngsters in the UK also take recourse to love poetry (published in magazines and tabloids on the Big Day) to express their heart’s desire.

Valentine's Day window tributes
Photo by Adam Kring on Unsplash

This is, and always has been, a deep-rooted tradition in the UK, tracing its origins to the fact that it was the British poets who wrote the bulk of romantic verses for Valentine’s Day.

Interestingly, birds have also long shared an intimate association with Valentine’s Day. Tradition has it that birds choose their mates on 14 February each year. So, there could not be a better day to honour love and commitment — a fact that was first pointed out by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century!

In the UK, the coming of Valentine’s Day also marks the end of winter and the onset of spring — new life, new beginnings. In some parts of England, Valentine’s Day is also referred to as ‘Birds’ Wedding Day’. Traditionally, special buns topped with caraway seeds, raisins and plums are baked to celebrate.

Recent surveys showed that Cupid-struck Britons spend around £503m on cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts for Valentine’s Day annually! Not too bad for a nation famous for its emotional reserve?!

Valentine’s Day in France

It was a Frenchman who made history of sorts by writing the world’s first ever Valentine’s Day card! Charles, Duke of Orleans was a young Frenchman who had been captured at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 and was imprisoned in the Tower of London. While languishing in prison, he wrote a poem or ‘Valentine’ to his wife, little knowing that he was setting into motion a trend that would far outlive him.

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Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com

Valentine’s Day in France was characterized by a rather unusual custom known as ‘drawing for’. In this activity, unmarried couples would enter the house facing across the street. Then would follow a ‘calling out’ session and, those who liked the person whose name was being called out, would go off with that man/woman. However, if the young man took a dislike to the chosen valentine, he would simply refuse to go! After the ritual was over, the rejected girls would light a bonfire and burn images of the young man (men), bellowing abuse as they did so!

Later, a decree of the French government banned this custom on the grounds of it reflecting poorly on the basic emotion of love and friendship that was the hallmark of Valentine’s Day. In France, elegant greeting cards, containing tender love messages, called ‘cartes d’amities’ were also exchanged between lovers.

Valentine’s Day in Australia

It was during the Gold Rush in Australia that Valentine’s Day fervour reached its peak! Nothing was too extravagant or expensive to woo the chosen one.

The Gold Rush saw hundreds of men grow rich overnight. Flush with all that newfound money from the Ballarat mines, the smitten men spared no expenses in presenting the most extravagant ‘valentines’ to their sweethearts.

The men actively competed with one another in giving the most expensive valentine to their chosen lady. After all, their gift sealed their romantic fate. ‘Valentines’ were often made of a perfumed satin cushion, and exquisitely embellished with flowers and colourful shells and even a taxidermied humming bird! This ‘valentine’ was then packed in a beautifully decorated and expensive box to be sent to the fair maiden. Whether their labour bore fruit or not is, of course, an altogether different matter!

Recent surveys have now revealed a little-known fact about Valentine’s Day in Australia — that the men are not only more romantic than the women when it comes to open declarations of affection, they also beat the women in the purchase of Valentine’s Day cards!

Valentine’s Day in Brazil

In the land of carnivals and joie de vivre, Valentine’s Day takes on a slightly different hue. Young Brazilians observe ‘Dia dos Namorados’ or Boyfriend’s/ Girlfriend’s Day on 12 June instead of Valentine’s Day on 14 February. But the inherent spirit of love and romance dominates the occasion.

The date — 12 June — was chosen for a particular reason. This date is observed by devout Brazilians as the day of St. Anthony of Padua, the saint who is believed to bestow fortune and blessings on marriages.

Even though it may not be carnival time, Brazil resembles a carnival alright with stores stocked with flowers, cards, chocolates and assorted popular Valentine’s Day gift items. Giving gifts is a major activity and thoughtful gifts are exchanged between girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives. There is a lot of love, laughter and general merriment all around. Elaborate meals are cooked at homes, there are parties and family get-togethers in the evening, while the younger ones spend the day with their beloved.

No Brazilian celebration can be complete without dance and music and this day is no exception. Work is suspended and almost everyone gets into the mood. There are cultural shows, concerts and musical extravaganzas — all a huge hit with Brazilians.

‘Dia dos Namorados’ is not for the youngsters alone but is looked upon by men and women of all ages as the occasion to shower their loved one with some special care..

Valentine’s Day in Portugal

Portugal has a unique custom that is all its own — giving gift baskets on Valentine’s Day. The contents of the basket can range from chocolates to spa products to even aged liquor! Each basket carries a meaning and for a shy young man, it is a lifesaver!

The contents of the basket can be as varied as the young man’s imagination. One gift basket could have just chocolates, yet another wine and cheese, while another can have fruits of all types.
Gourmet food and snacks, exotic spa products, delectable cookies and candy bouquets have also been making their way into these gift baskets in recent years.

In Portugal, the girls aren’t the only ones receiving baskets of gifts: the men can also eagerly look forward to receiving one. For a man, the basket is preferably of aged liquors from their sweethearts. These gift baskets are more than just baskets laden with exotic contents. They assume a special significance on Valentine’s Day!

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The Great Debate: Ceramic or Glass Coffee Mugs

Coffee Tables – Necessary Design And Function

Most of us just ‘grab and go’ in the morning. But what if you took a moment to sit down and enjoy your coffee, and then start your day in style?

Absolutely nothing brings a living-room together rather like a coffee table. Round or rectangular shape among these appeals can act as a table, a beverage holder, a location to set your book or publication and a footrest too. So it isn’t difficult to see why a furniture piece as flexible as this can be challenging to pick. So, if you’re shopping for a new coffee table, you should think about a couple of things.

How will you use it? How much usage will it get?

Coffee tables can be found in numerous shapes, sizes, colors and designs to make your space pop. Maybe you like the cushioned ottoman design coffee table or possibly a more conventional wood one with storage area for publications and the remote. Maybe you want one the turns available to conceal blankets or motion pictures. Whether you are eating at it while you read a book, watch a movie or just put your feet up, you need to ensure you get a table that is the ideal height for all functions – storage, snacking and relaxation.

Where will it live?

You’ll likewise want to make sure there is enough leg space too. Room size dimensions are crucial. Just how much area do you have for a coffee table? How big are the couch and chairs around it? Think about what will be the ideal fit…and don’t forget long-lasting durability, especially if you have kids or pets. You might like the tidy beauty of glass or the soft touch of leather; but highly consider the fact that wood and metal are stronger than glass when there are concerns about everyday usage and abuse.

What’s your color, style and budget preferences?

Besides being functionally flexible, coffee tables can include a splash of color and design to your house. Match the color of your coffee table with the colors outdoors and bring some nature into the space. Whether you desire the soft touch of abundant leather or the difficult shimmer of marble, a painted white wood table for a shoddy stylish appearance or the smooth, tidy appearance of glass a coffee table is a vital part of any living-room decoration.

One big table might fit the budget but possibly 2 to 3 tables bunched together can produce the impression of a big table.

No matter the appearance or the usage when you discover the ideal coffee table it will both connect the room together and be a centerpiece at the center of the space waiting to hold your morning cup of joe and support your feet in style. Huge or little, round or square you’ll enjoy your brand-new coffee table since you made the effort to discover the ideal one for your requirements and desires.

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Go From Good To A Personal Best

Use These Tips To Make Your Personal Development Effective

“Good, Better Best. Never Let It Rest Until Your Good Is Better And Your Better Is Best.” The origin of this quote is often attributed to Tim Duncan. Some say it is St Jerome. In either case, it is one of my favorite mantras for reaching toward a personal best. It is one that my Dad quoted almost daily in my childhood. And, what a wonderful guideline it has become for me in career and in my own parenting. It’s a great improvement motivator the keeps me aiming high.

Individual personal development is a wonderful subject to get curious about. With consistent training and a little study, anyone can establish goals for boosting themselves and also see excellent results. Training need not be extensive or taxing. Simple self-reflection, or assessing a couple of quick pointers like these can help you enhance the effectiveness of any type of personal growth routine.

Maintain your objective in view

In other words, “begin with the end in mind” like we learned in Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Taking steps to make a life change is a great deal of hard work; and on a regular basis can feel uncomfortable since it is taking you out of your comfort zone. By concentrating on the goal, it will certainly enable you to see your future and maintain you inspired to pursue that goal.

Do not be afraid to fail…..

arranged letter tiles
Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

…if we learn from those failures! Errors can be among one of the most beneficial tools for personal development. This does not mean you need to attempt to make blunders, but rather you shouldn’t let the concern of failure maintain you from reaching your goal. If you do have a misstep, treat it as a learning experience, fill your wisdom bucket and add it to your encyclopedia of knowledge.

Be selfless, Spread joy and kindness

If you begin to take care of and help others much more, you will see you start to grow your self. This is when you can become familiar with more of who you are, as well as see what requires to be transformed by the renewing of selflessness for others.

Break big tasks right into smaller jobs

Take baby steps. You will reduce that overwhelming feeling we all sometimes get. Make progress, and remember to celebrate the small wins along the way. Being able to complete the tiny tasks will give you a sensation of success and the ego-boost will certainly fuel your ambition to complete more tasks. By focusing on the small tasks you will certainly lower anxiety, remain concentrated and complete the original goal in a snap.

Always be sincere and honest

No one wants to be around deceitful people. Be transparent, admit responsibility for things you have actually done wrong. In some cases those that are honest with that are more respected than those that get it right every single time. Your vulnerability can make you more approachable as someone to learn from. For this reason, you want to hold your head high in honesty, even if it means admitting your mistakes.

Live by the values that you believe in

Personal stability will certainly provide you the confidence that you need to prosper in both your personal as well as company life. Individuals discover it easy to count on others that obey their convictions, as well as you will be rewarded keeping that trust fund.

Personal growth routine is a life journey. It is a continuous process of renovation, an excellent routine that can always be refined as well as made better. Tips like the ones offered here can help you reach your best.

National Sock Day

This is our daily reminder to pay it forward. Every day is something to celebrate! Today is National Sock Day.

Most don’t pay a whole lot of attention to them, but these little pieces of fabric we wear on our feet are an important part of being cool and comfortable all day long!…Link to the full read.

Legs of black person in sneakers and socks
Photo by Mwabonje on Pexels.com

Thank you daysoftheyear.com for these joyful reminders. It’s the little things that make life grand!

laughing businesswoman working in office with laptop

What To Wear Now That You’re Returning To Work…

Work Garments

Twinkle Pink Stars Polyester Blouse. Example of What To Wear As Women's Work Garments
Women’s Polyester Blouse

Knowing what to wear can sometimes be a chore. For many, denim jeans, a tee-shirt or a hoodie is the best go-to every day of the week. However, any job you do will dictate some type of clothing as a uniform or appropriate professional attire. Work apparel is worn in all markets from service companies, medical facilities, dining establishments, assembly lines, painting business and much more. And it comes in many shapes and sizes. Guys and ladies alike have actually come to rely on their work clothes to complete their daily jobs. Men have actually long been provided many more designs than females, however that is changing, more and more females are taking various positions in the business and their clothes needs to be just as durable. Now womens working garments are styled to match their figure, however still permit ease of movement for a safe workplace. But, clothes don’t have to be worn one way. We don’t just live to work. All work and no play makes life no fun. So, remember that your clothing can be utilized in all functions. You can get garments that work for work, for school, and for anywhere.

Uniforms In Healthcare

Work garments is dominant in numerous healthcare facilities. Medical scrubs are worn by the nursing staff, along with, doctors and support personnel. Housekeeping common can wear scrubs to housekeeping gowns to khaki and polos work pants. The food service staff can wear aprons, polos, work trousers, chef coats, chef hats, and chef pants. The security personnel will also wear security design uniforms to determine themselves to anyone in the healthcare facility. Host staff can even use blazers or vest with the health center logo design on the garment.

Service Business Attire

As a service business, your team must wear durable work apparel. Work shirts produced commercial cleaning stand up to many forces set on destroying the garments pre maturely. Coveralls are likewise helpful for specific activities to secure your employees from their work environment.

Work garments are essential to numerous jobs in the oil service fields. Simply driving to work can be a filthy experience. Nature takes its toll on the person and their clothing. Assembly lines can posture many different dirty-job environments and employees require garments to protect them. Operating in a dangerous environment? You can discover clothes that offers protective capabilities for your body. Your work clothing ought to protect your body from the risks surrounding your everyday work environment. You work clothes need to also provide the optimum in comfort, so you can complete your day-to-day tasks with very little effort.

Personalizing What You Wear

Work clothing is quickly personalized with direct embroidery on the clothes, embroidered nametags, embroidered spots, flag spots, reflective tape sewn on backs, legs and arms, and even silk screening. The personalizing options provide you ease to identify yourself to co-workers and community member alike. There is nothing more identifiable than your employees in uniforms that have the company logo. The workers feel a strong sense of belonging and are proud members of the corporate group. When they are expert looking and come prepare to get the task done and looking fantastic, your consumers will enjoy your staff. Nothing better than offering staff members with uniforms to use in the community and construct your business recognition with existing clients and potential consumers.

Online sellers – like AIS Designs, StitchFix and Amazon – provide a selection of professional attire and home office accessories. You can find anything from solid color designs to unique, digital artist created patterns.  Depending on your style, you can search for a range of items to fit your need – all from the comfort of home, without having to spend a lot of time driving from store to store. 

woman carrying her baby and working on a laptop

Be Honest: Are You Working or “Working” From Home? Here Are Some Focus Tips.

What a difference a day makes! Looking back on articles about remote work, working from home, you will find a lot has shifted. Let’s take a look back. Iris Shamble wrote this first piece back in 2007. Much of what she writes is even more relevant and prevalent now that we have all had the experience of COVID-19 shutdown in 2020 and the virtual realities of doing Corporate America plus family plus kids online with school and more, all at home.

Raising Your Family, While Working From Home
By Iris Shamble

Working at home is not new; it existed in the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance. According to one survey, about 40 percent of the total work force is either work-at-home, or self-employed. This is projected to rise about 20 percent each year.

Is working at home for everyone? Definitely not! Not everyone is able to handle being socially isolated. Not everyone is organized enough. Only you know what you are capable of doing.

You definitely have to be motivated and serious about this for it to work. If you are
serious about working at home, you will probably find a way to make it work for you. If
you desire to work, but want a schedule with your family, consider a part-time job you
can take while your children are at school. If you have a great desire of certain goals you want to achieve, take a full-time job for a short time. But remember your children.

There are many benefits to working in the home, but the most important that come to my mind are:

• Time with the family. This is one of the greatest benefits.

• The flexible schedule. You save on sick time, take a vacation (if you have things in balance), and have an open schedule for things that may come up.

• Convenience. You couldn’t find a better place to work.

• Reduced costs. You eliminate lunches out, clothing, gas, parking, and traffic.

• Fewer workplace distractions. You get more hours actually on the clock.

• The potential to achieve a great income.

• Healthier body, spirit, and mind!

There are many people changing work schedules because they are tired of the heavy toll that commuting takes on their lives. Workplace and commuting stress can result in high-blood pressure, chronic headaches, back pain, alcoholism, drug abuse, and disease.

Some companies now offer a compressed work week; many are even offering a
telecommute schedule. The compressed work week offers 10-hour work days, allowing a three day weekend every week. Nearly eight million employees now work at home
during normal business hours, according to Link Resources. This fastest growing part of the work-from-home population is made up of salaried workers, better known as
“telecommuters” or “teleworkers.” This not only saves on the wear and tear of the
employees, it also saves expense for the employers.

Now, let’s fast forward to something more recent. Here’s a quote from homeofficelife.com.

Does this sound familiar: it’s almost noon, you’ve been sitting at your desk in your pajamas, workout clothes, or whatever you wore the day before, and still haven’t taken a shower? This happened to me a few days ago. I started to leave my house early in the morning to go for a run, […]

This Quote is pulled from the post 5 Ways to Focus While Working From Home, which appeared first on Home office expert/author/working from home/home office tips.

Now, this sounds more like what we’ve all come to learn about working from home. It really does take intentionality to stay focused and motivated to do the work when you’re surrounded by home’s creature comforts.

Global Fat Bike Day

This is our daily reminder to pay it forward. Every day is something to celebrate! Today is Global Fat Bike Day.

Enjoy everything about biking in the mountains and rough terrain by dominating on two wheels for Fat Bike Day! History of Global Fat Bike Day Bicycles with fat tires have been around for more than 100 years, but the more modern versions have been around since the 1970s. The idea……Link to the full read.

a fat bike on a snow covered field
Photo by Dmitrii Eremin on Pexels.com

Thank you daysoftheyear.com for these joyful reminders. It’s the little things that make life grand!

Scarf Favorite On Etsy Today

Most of us find community in sharing. And, I love that. Being a shop owner on Etsy.com, I find many groups around social media where I can ask questions and usually get very kind and informative responses. It has helped me grow, I can keep that kindness cycle going.

This is my daily tribute to a small business owner on Etsy. If you will, please show your support by clicking one of the links below to buy or simply favorite these items.

REMEMBER: When you support a small business owner, you’re giving right where it matters most. You’re giving hope to a family and local neighborhood economy!

Having a hard time finding a hijab that fits well and is also stylish? Look no further than the Square Hijab Large 90x90cm! This hijab comes in 14 different colors, so you’re sure to find one that you love. Plus, it’s large size means that it will fit any head size and keep you well covered.

AIS Designs’ Seller Community
Product Review
Square Hijab Large 90x90cm – 14 COLOURS

Also check this out from Art+Science Designs

Square Scarf Head Wrap or Tie | Silk-y Soft Chiffon Red | All American Stars
green leafed plants on white background

The Best Reasons For Growing An Herb Garden At Home

green leafed plants on white background
Fresh Herb Dill

There are a lot of advantages why you must have an indoor garden. Having an indoor herb garden in particular can be satisfying and very useful. If you begin to have one in the backyard of your home or at any vacant spot in the yard, you will reap the gratifying results of not needing to go to the market to buy some for household consumption.

Culinary Uses

Herbs have numerous uses for various individuals. The most typical is its being a scent or spice improved for a lot of cuisines and dishes around the globe. The cooking use of herbs can be traced back to many prehistoric files. The history even says that it was used for cooking foods at that time not just for the ordinary people however more so for the heads of groups or for the royalties.

Restorative usages

Herbs are not just for culinary purposes. Because of the medicinal properties they have, they were likewise popular. Many people from all over the world have actually been utilizing herbs to treat or cure particular numerous disorders and human diseases. Hundreds and centuries were seen people cultivating and growing herbs specifically for this function. Even up to now, herbs are used for medicinal, restorative purposes, and sometimes for appealing skin care.

Herbs are available in numerous kinds of varieties, including those that can be grown at the convenience of your house. Some options quickly grow on a raised garden bed. If you are a beginner, you can have parsley, thyme, basil, and oregano. Since they are common and frequently used for cooking food; and for therapeutic usages, these are some of the most understood herbs.

Earth Mama Organics - Organic Ginger Nausea Tea

Where to plant them

In terms of making your own garden, you can quickly make a single bed of soil so you can grow your herbs. You can have numerous beds to plant them if your backyard is larger. Just make sure to nurture them so they will grow appropriately. With a bed of planted herbs, it will be convenient for you whenever you want some spice for your cooking and some stuff when you want to reduce some discomforts and sores.

In terms of making your own garden, you can quickly make a single bed of soil so you can grow your herbs. You can have numerous beds to plant them if your backyard is larger. Just make sure to nurture them so they will grow appropriately. With a bed of planted herbs, it will be convenient for you whenever you want some spice for your cooking and some stuff when you want to reduce some discomforts and sores.

If you do not have a large area at your backyard, or if you are living in a home or condominium where there is no area for gardening, there is always another option. Indoor gardening is always possible. You can begin with having some pots and planting them with the herbs of your choices. You can put the pots with the planted herbs by the windows on your cooking area and some can even be placed by the windows in your bed room.

You can also use pots that can be utilized for decor of your home. Ceramic pots are great to use as a simple way house your indoor garden and simultaneously  renovate and redesign the room. Simply make certain that they have correct drain holes for the watering. Engaging into this activity not just provides herbs for cooking or therapeutic impacts, but having your little indoor gardening can get rid of your tension since they can provide clean refreshing air to relax you a bit after working the entire day.

assorted scarves and a shoulder bag hanging on a rod

Scarves Are The Unstoppable Trend for Comfort and Versatility

Stay stylish, stay comfy. Scarves offer a fashionable lift suitable for any occasion.

Photo by Dimitry on unsplash.com

The scarf has been a fashion staple in the wardrobe of many women, men, and children throughout the world for quite some time now; and over the years, this versatile accessory has seen an ever-changing array of styles, fabrics, and trends. In recent years, scarves have come back into the fashion spotlight with a vengeance, offering a perfect blend of style, utility, and undeniable chic. From bright, bold prints to classic and timeless knits, scarves are here to make a statement, regardless of the season.


When it comes to the style of scarves, comfort and versatility are the key words for this season. Oversized pieces are particularly popular, bringing a sense of fashionably effortless style that pairs perfectly with denim, knits, and faux-fur jackets. Whether you opt for a plaid, patterned, or solid hue, oversized scarves offer a great way to make a bold fashion statement without any hassle.


For those seeking a timeless look, delicate, lightweight scarves are a perfect choice. Whether you prefer a floral print or patterned knit, these delicate pieces are sure to add a subtle yet unmistakable touch of style to any look. In addition, they are extremely versatile and can be easily dressed up or down to suit any occasion.


Finally, scarves of all varieties are getting a makeover this season as animal-inspired prints become increasingly popular. Whether you choose a classic leopard, cheetah, or zebra pattern, these subtle yet eye-catching prints bring a bit of the wild side to your ensemble. Animal prints can easily be dressed up or down, and they never fail to add a bit of edge to any outfit.

All in all, scarves are a great way to stay both stylish and comfortable all year round. With so many options available, it’s never been easier to give your look a fashionable lift. Whether you prefer bright, bold designs or classic knits, there is something for everyone when it comes to scarves.