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A Festive Christmas Front Porch

Our front porch sets the tone for Christmas and when guests come to the door, of course I want it to feel festive and Christmas-y! Adding a few holiday touches to the front porch is something I enjoy doing every year to welcome our friends and family in the front door. They know that Christmas has arrived!

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Red & White Christmas Table Runner

Red & White Christmas Table Runnerwp-header-logo-302.png
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Original Price: $35.00
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Start your holiday celebrations with the traditional red & white colors of Christmas. This centerpiece spread will add a festive spirit to your home. Measuring at 90” x 16”, this personalized table runner is the perfect way to add a splash of personality in any home setting. Made with lightweight broadcloth that is hemmed on all sides, this personalized table runner is both soft to the touch and water-resistant. Printed with dye sublimation for incredibly vivid, custom designs on the top side.
.: Material: 100% polyester
.: One size: 90” × 16” ( 228.6 cm × 40.64 cm)
.: Water resistant
.: One-sided print
.: Hemmed edges

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Is Money An Appropriate Wedding Gift?

selective focus photography of silver colored engagement ring set with pink bow accent on throw pillow

Do you understand that there are wedding gift giving rules? What etiquette guide should you follow? Before you consider providing money as a gift, first check out these rules prior to arriving for the special event. 

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette Fact 1:

If you get an invitation to a wedding that you  can not attend, your choice to send a gift or even cash is totally up to you.  However, wedding rules dictate that you should send out a congratulatory card for the bride and groom or at minimum a best well-wishes note for the bride-to-be.

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette Fact 2:

Cash gifts or any present items may be sent out to the bride or groom’s home before the wedding occasion; and up to one year after the wedding to or to the couple’s new house. Direct mailing the gift is a thoughtful method that decreases the issue to the newlyweds, as to how would they move so many present items. Make it easy for them. Couple need not stress over leasing a truck to transfer the presents to their brand-new house. Plus, if you choose to give cash instead, your cash present will be a terrific aid to couples in their very first year of marriage, when they are still in the stage of raising their own cost savings nest egg.

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette Fact 3:

Remember, giving cash presents are not a violation of wedding etiquette. These are simply few amongst the many expenses that a couple would face in the very first few months of their marriage which is why present giving money is an excellent idea to do and does not violate any wedding event etiquette.

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette Fact 4:

Bet you’re wondering…How much should you give? It is a dreadful principle that the amount or cost of one’s wedding gift need to match how much you think the couple invested in your dinner at the wedding reception. That would be inconsiderate of the kindness extended by the simple invitation received to witness their union. Instead, consider giving cash at any amount your heart can afford to give.  

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette Fact 5:

Likewise, do not stop yourself from giving cash gifts if the couple has noted their preferred wedding presents in online or store registries. Buying presents from the wedding registry list are optional but buy the present of their registered choice or not at all. Giving would be a better choice to give if you don’t like the wedding registry options. In all, you can provide money gifts even though the couples have an online or a store wedding registry.

Rules For The Bride & Groom To Follow In Instructing Their Guests What To Give:

Wedding registries are still popular these days. However, there are limitations on how much direction in present buying a couple can provide their guests. Do not ask your invited guests to give money. That is a major etiquette infraction. You should not inform your guests that you prefer money than presents, not even if its for a worthy cause like saving for a new house or for honeymoon cash. Whether you like it or not asking for cash gifts will make you look greedy, even if you claim that the cash will go to charity. Your guests will feel less generous.

Cash gifts should be an unspoken rule, an option for your wedding attendees.  They might choose to give money as a wedding present but etiquette rules dictate that you should not, ever, request a providing of cash. 

If you as the groom and bride get money from guests as you greet them at the reception, accept it and state your thanks.  Later after the event, write them a thank you note.

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Beautiful Custom Print Table Cloth

Beautiful Custom Print Table Cloth wp-header-logo-264.png
Created by
In stock

Brighten your dining space with this intricately curated table cloth linen. Its pattern is designed to uplift any home’s aesthetics. Measuring in at 55.1″ by 55.1″, this table cloth is a full-print product meaning it will display this custom design on the entirety of the cloth’s surface. What’s more, the 100% polyester fabric construction makes it effortless to maintain like new.
.: One size (55.1″ × 55.1″) (140cm × 140cm)
.: 100% polyester
.: One-sided print
.: Soft and light

Also Check Out This One From Zazzle:

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Throw Blanket Holder for Living Room Wall

Learn a few blanket display ideas and how to store your throws and blankets a few different ways including how to make a wall mounted blanket holder for a living room that will keep your collection of blankets or quilts off the floor as well as decoratively on display and easy to grab when needed.

blanket display ideas - wood holder on wall using doorknobs as hooks.


There’s nothing like curling up underneath a soft and fluffy favorite blanket to make you feel relaxed and cozy at home.

If you are a fan of throw blankets, there are many ways to store blankets in your living room, from placing them in a basket next to your sofa to putting them on display using a trendy blanket ladder.

When your living room has little floor space for a blanket ladder, a stand, or trunk – consider a wall mounted blanket holder. It takes up less storage space while giving you display options that can be functional and decorative.

Colorful patterned throws and quilts are like art, faux fur throws add a cozy warmth to a room.

When up on the wall, they add to your decor instead of hidden away in closets or bins when not in use.

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This One Beautiful Surface Tile Pattern

PNG Digital Surface Tile Pattern 105 ***INSTANT DOWNLOAD***
Created by
In stock

Look no further for a spark of creativity to inspire your next fabric sewing project or you upcoming web design background/css. This *.png digital file is available for you to use and is pictured in two other mockups to show you the art of what’s possible. With this INSTANT DOWNLOAD you will receive a one file, which includes the following format: PNG at 3000×3000 pixels + 300 dpi.

Make it personal! Use it to customize just about anything from Sublimation Printing Fabric, Background Screensavers, Wallpapers and more:

  • Jewelry, handbags, and accessories
  • Holiday Trinkets
  • Fashion Apparel
  • Personalized and Custom Home Decor
  • Wedding gifts
  • Home office tech accessories
  • DIY craft projects


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Our Favorite Things to Give

close up photography of gift besides candle

Southern Living Magazine Online – 15 Home and Garden Gift Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, our editors are shopping for thoughtful presents to please every personality on their list. From go-to gardening tools to entertaining essentials, we’re sharing 15 of our favorite gifts for making spirits bright. Find ideas for home décor, stocking stuffers, and cocktail parties with festive items our editors can’t wait to give (and receive) this holiday season. 

  1. Auburn, Alabama-based artist Andrew Lee Design gives old-school correspondence a handsome upgrade with a favorite Southern bloom.  BUY IT: $27 for set of 5; andrewleedesigns.comScreenShot2021-10-01at12.17.49PM_1024x1024@2x
  2. Gift the holiday hostess bronze walnut place card holders she can use from Thanksgiving through the New Year.  BUY IT: $55 each;
  3. No home can ever have too many pretty tchotchkes. We’d hang this decorative bloom on a gallery wall or display it on a coffee table. BUY IT: $38;
  4. Treat an avid gardener to a new pair of durable gloves and a hand-forged trowel for preparing spring flowers. BUY IT: $95;
  5. Give the traditionalist a blue-and-white chinoiserie-inspired puzzle that’s pretty enough to keep out on the card table. BUY IT: $23;
  6. Playing cards make great stocking stuffers, especially this Palm Beach-inspired deck with hand-painted watercolor illustrations. BUY IT: $32;
  7. Whiskey enthusiasts will love this colorful addition to their home bar. BUY IT: $52 for set of 2;
  8. The only work required of the recipient is watching these pretty paperwhites grow. BUY IT: $42;
  9. What pairs better with eggnog than festive linens with Santa dancing to the jingle bell rock? BUY IT: $53 for set of 4;
  10. Gift the jetsetter a bespoke jewelry case for traveling without worry of tangled necklaces. BUY IT: from $63;
  11. Add a personalized touch with a hand-painted porcelain mug from Royal Copenhagen’s Alphabet Collection. BUY IT: $105;
  12. Vibrant taper candles in a rainbow of colors will make any mantel feel merry and bright. BUY IT: $48 for set of 2;
  13. The classic plaid pattern feels neutral enough to use year-round, but the blanket’s sherpa back feels extra cozy on cold winter nights. BUY IT: $90;
  14. For the design enthusiast, present a copy of 2019 Southern Living Idea House designer Lauren Liess’s new book, Feels Like Home, for dreamy decorating inspiration. BUY IT: $40;
  15. Gift your favorite grandmillenial a festive needlepoint kit for creating her own holiday home decor. BUY IT: $70;


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What’s Your Apron Style

crop woman with flowers in vase A Brief History of Aprons

A Brief History of Aprons

During the time when the world was ruled by kings, and queens, and princes, and princesses many are simply living average. While most royals can afford wearing beautiful and elegant dresses, the masses are only limited to some pieces and conventionally not made of the most luxurious textile. But the average living people in the medieval era were the ones exposed to labor and different household chores and they cannot escape the wrath of stains that may intrude their dresses during their work. Thus, they needed something to cover their clothes with something cheap. This is the beginning of the usage of aprons.

Sounds too fictional? Yes. But fairy tales aside, aprons were one of the early clothing and fashion artifacts that have been invented during the time of the early kings and queens. Additionally, aprons can be considered as the only garment that has retained its use over some period among others.

Before it has became a kitchen friend, aprons has been used in all occasions first. In most medieval dresses, aprons are used as over garment most likely not connected to the main dress but is designed well with ruffles or embroidery so as to complement with the dress. It main purpose is to protect the dress from any stain because it is so hard to do the laundry by that time. Considering the type of dresses before, laundering can cause the fabric to be worn out easily as the technology making the textile strong was not yet widely introduced by the time. Thus this makes apron as a main part of a dress rather than purely a garment that is added for protection.

During those times, aprons are used by girls and adult ladies in going to the market, the church, to a meeting etc. There are different types of aprons that are used before. Pinafore is one of them. A pinafore is a type of apron that has shoulder padding sort of thing. It is like a jumper dress.

As time goes and cheaper clothes have been produced, the use of multiple garments faded and aprons slowly paved out. But its main purpose of protecting garments never fades away and the aprons find their way to the kitchen, in the restaurants and in many other places.

Today aprons come in different types namely, bib aprons, bistro aprons, tuxedo aprons, cobbler aprons, waist aprons, etc. Each type of apron differs mainly in design. Bib aprons are mainly body sized aprons with only a string from the sides and along the nape area. Bistro aprons and waist aprons are commonly small aprons that can be wrapped around the waist. Cobbler aprons on the other hand are an apron with a resemblance to that cape like over garment used by musketeers.

As additional information, aprons are also used by church leaders before most notably by the Anglican bishops and archdeacons. Religious aprons, though they are not known as such, resembles a small cassock.

Today, aprons have become an important garment in the household. They come in different materials and colors and designs. There are also many stores that offer discount aprons for restaurants and hotels that use them as uniforms. Truly, aprons have tested the challenge of time; a fashion artifact not worth fading.

During holidays, George loves to cook-out with his discount aprons on for his family. And here he talks about the historical background of aprons.

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Nature Is Inspiring Home Decoration

bamboo stick lot in gray galvanized buckets

When one thinks of decor inspired by nature one is immediately brought to think of leafy visuals and floral prints foregrounded with butterflies.

#nature #organic #gogreen #comfortsofhome #plants #animals #insects #flowers #timeless #elegant #aisdesigns

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iCreate: Table Lamps on A Budget

#milliondollartaste #dollarbudgets #doityourself #crafting #decorideas #lighting #lamps #lightitup

If you are looking for DIY table lamp ideas I have shared a few and recently made over another table lamp from the thrift store. I like upcycling them as they are an inexpensive way to update home decor at a fraction of the cost of buying a trendy new…

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#milliondollartaste #dollarbudgets #doityourself #crafting #decorideas #lighting #lamps #lightitup

If you are looking for DIY table lamp ideas I have shared a few and recently made over another table lamp from the thrift store. I like upcycling them as they are an inexpensive way to update home decor at a fraction of the cost of buying a trendy new…

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#milliondollartaste #dollarbudgets #doityourself #crafting #decorideas #lighting #lamps #lightitup

If you are looking for DIY table lamp ideas I have shared a few and recently made over another table lamp from the thrift store. I like upcycling them as they are an inexpensive way to update home decor at a fraction of the cost of buying a trendy new…

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