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Why Hiking Is Good For You?

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A Hiker’s Journey To Solitude

Why do people like hiking? It can be for so many reasons. There are tons of studies on the benefits of hiking. Quite simply for me, hiking is where I like to go for a reconnection back to inner peace. Walking among the whispers of the trees, crunchy sounds of walking on nature’s path, the dead silence of nothingness or just a babbling brook….it eases my mind. And I’m not alone.

Did you know…

Hiking is one of the most popular recreational activities. People do it for different reasons. There are spiritual benefits of hiking, and who wouldn’t love coming home to hear the hiking experience stories as a recap of the day. Whether it is part of an exercise routine, or you just love the adventure of wayfinding, hiking is a great past time. Most cities and towns around the world have a path or two in it. Many are mapped. You can find them in paper form at the local visitor centers in your state, and many are now available online in mobile apps like AllTrails.

Hiking is Healthy

One of the many reasons why hiking is such a popular recreational activity is because it is a challenge. Hiking trails are known for their varied landscape. When going hiking, you could walk up steps, climb over small rocks, climb down hilly slopes, and much more. The landscape is perfect for workouts, as it really tests your body, and your core strength. Even if you choose to hike the same hiking trail multiple times a year, you will always find changes in the landscape. That is what is nice about nature; nothing stays the same forever. Every time that you go on a hike, it will seem as if it is a completely new and exciting adventure.

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Hiking is also popular because it can be done a number of different ways. You can do it alone or with a group of your friends and your family. Although mostly, hikers prefer hiking with someone that they know. If you would like to hike on your own, that is okay, but you may want to take a few extra steps to ensure your safety.

  1. Plan your route. Use Google Maps to drop pins on hard to find locations.
  2. Let someone know where you will be and when to expect you back.
  3. Bring a cell phone, and extra charging tool like this one on Amazon.
  4. Dress properly. Good hiking shoes, weather-appropriate clothes, and a walking stick comes in handy.
  5. Last but not least….GO HAVE FUN!

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