Fun in the sun: Outdoor summer activities for kids to enjoy!

Fun in the sun: Outdoor summer activities for kids to enjoy!

Summer is one of the best times of year, especially for children.

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There’s no school, the days are long and sunny, and there are endless outdoor activities to take part in. Here are 6 fun outdoor summer activities for the little ones:

1. Water Games – Kids can cool off and have a blast with a water balloon fight, water gun battle, or let their imaginations run wild with a game of “soak and run”.

2. Sand Castles and Beach Volleyball – Building sand castles and playing a family game of beach volleyball is a great way for kids to enjoy the day.

3. Picnics– Gather up the family, pack an awesome picnic basket, and head to a local park or lake for an afternoon of fun.

4. Hiking– Grab the proper gear and get inspired by exploring the trails in your area.

5. Bike Riding– Riding a bike is good exercise and even better fun. Let the kids be creative and engage in a little friendly competition on who can ride the fastest.

6. Obstacle Course– Put together an obstacle course in your own backyard or at the local park and see if the children can make it through the course.

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