7 Creative Exercise Ideas for Kids to Get Your Child Moving and Staying Active

7 Creative Exercise Ideas for Kids to Get Your Child Moving and Staying Active

Motivate your child to make physical health and wellbeing the key to unlocking a fit and active future. Let these creative exercise ideas for kids help you get your child moving!

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These days, it can be hard for parents to motivate their kids to get up, get moving, and enjoy physical activity. From the internet and video games to merely the enticing allure of sitting down and kicking back on the couch, there are so many reasons for children to stay sedentary. And with the modern world’s long-standing emphasis being placed on physical fitness, it’s more important than ever for parents to help their kids get and stay active.

Fortunately, it’s not all that difficult when you know where to look. Here are some creative exercise ideas for kids to get your child moving:

1) Play tag: One of the most basic, entertaining and action-packed activities is the classic game of tag. Get the entire family involved; it doesn’t matter who is “it”, the important thing is everyone is getting an enjoyable form of physical exercise.

2) Take a nature walk: A nature walk can be a fun and often educational experience. Your child will love seeing the plants, birds and trees of your local area, and you can turn it into a mini science lesson. Ask them to observe, point and count the natural beings that live in your area.

3) Try an animal stretch: An animal stretch can be a great way to provide kids with physical activity, as well as teach them about their own anatomy. Choose an animal or two and have the child imitate their movement patterns, like how cats stretch, foxes wag their tails and so forth.

4) Participate in an at-home obstacle course: Set up an at-home obstacle course with simple household items like hula hoops, chairs, jump ropes, and pillows. This activity allows kids to move their bodies in unconventional ways and challenge themselves.

5) Turn on some music: Make a playlist with your child’s favorite songs and encourage them to make up their own dance moves. Dancing is a great way to burn calories, get the heart rate up, and have fun.

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