5 Fun Exercise Ideas For Kids To Get Up And Moving!

5 Fun Exercise Ideas For Kids To Get Up And Moving!

Get your kids active and having fun with five creative exercise ideas! Encourage active, healthy habits that last a lifetime with these awesome activities!

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As parents, it’s important to make sure our children are getting enough physical activity to develop healthy habits for life. However, getting kids to be active can sometimes be challenging. Instead of engaging in sedentary activities, here are five fun exercise ideas for kids that are sure to get them up and moving while having a great time!

1.Make a Fitness Scavenger Hunt: creating a scavenger hunt that challenges kids to find items that relate to physical activities is a great way to get them moving and having fun. For example, you could include objects to find like a frog hop, an arm curl, a skipping rope etc. As they complete each task they will be getting their energy levels up and having a great time at the same time!

2.Dancing: kids of all ages love to dance, so why not use it as a form of exercise? Put on some fun music and encourage them to show off their moves. You could even make it a competition to see who can come up with the most creative or complex dance routine.

3.Outdoor Games: take advantage of the nice weather and get your kids outside! There are plenty of physical activities that can be done outdoors such as tag, hide & seek, catch, soccer and much more. Not only will your kids be having a blast, but they’ll be getting some much-needed fresh air too.

4.Follow the Leader: set up a course of simple exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, burpees, and more, and have one person lead the group. This game encourages kids to work together and take turns leading, while also getting a good workout.

5.Simulated Sports: online virtual sports games can be a great way to get your children active while indoors. There are lots of games that they can play and keep track of how many reps they’ve completed, as well as how many calories they’ve burned.

Encouraging children to stay active and have fun at the same time is very important for their physical and mental health. Try out some of these fun and creative exercise ideas for children and watch them get moving and have a great time!

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