4 Last Minute Gifts From Santa’s ‘Better Than a Teenager’ List

I have a first year teenager. She’s growing up but Ellie does not like to be called a teen. She really does cherish childhood. The things she likes and loves to do are uncommon compared to what commercial media portrays as typical teen behavior. Ellie has never scoffed at spending time with Ted (Daddy) and I. Now, that is not to say that she doesn’t have moments where she would prefer to be elsewhere – like being inside reading a book rather than sitting on the back porch on a sunny afternoon. We do encourage her to have her own mind and state her voice. So, she likes to say she is ‘better than a teenager’ because she aims to be smart, reverent, and kind to others – all at the same time.

Now, what does Santa bring for Christmas? Typical items on Santa’s list are probably for new clothes or for the latest technology gadget. There are some cool ones out there like in this article from Mashable, Which tablet to buy for your kid: These are 5 of the best out right now.

However, here are some gift ideas you can suggest to Santa. These are cute and smart (like my Ellie) and they are different than the typical. You might find them to be a good fit for your family like we have.

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