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Things To Do with Leftover Fabric Scraps

folded carpets on the wooden flor

What do you do with the leftover fabric scraps? No matter how much or how little is left after your next project, here are DIYs that are almost too easy to pass on. From

If, like us, you’ve discovered the magic of performance (aka “outdoor”) fabric for both beautiful outdoor spaces and super-durable indoor furniture, you’ll likely want to run to your designer or local upholsterer (find one here) and have everything you own re-covered in the performance fabric of your choice. Now, you’ve got spill-proof, easily-cleanable furniture for any home with kids, pets, or even just occasionally clumsy adults.
But before you settle in to your new, durable and beautiful life, let’s make the most of that new fabric you bought! When having an item reupholstered (or any textile item made for you by a tailor), always, always ask your professional of choice to save your extra fabric—not everyone will do it automatically and, as we’re about to prove, by scrapping your scraps, you’re missing out on precious opportunities for DIYs. Read on for our favorite performance fabric DIY projects, in order of amount of fabric required.

Source: House Beautiful

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